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Happy Hoodie The Original Calming Band for Dogs & Cats - for Anxiety Relief & Calming Dogs – Noise Canceling for Dogs - The Force Drying & Grooming Miracle Tool Since 2008 (Large, Purple)

Happy Hoodie The Original Calming Band for Dogs & Cats - for Anxiety Relief & Calming Dogs – Noise Canceling for Dogs - The Force Drying & Grooming Miracle Tool Since 2008 (Large, Purple)

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  • MADE FOR GROOMERS, BY GROOMERS. Happy Hoodie was created as a grooming tool to CALM & protect dogs from the loud noise & high-pressured air associated w/ force drying. Happy Hoodie saves valuable time in the Grooming Salon & creates a safer environment by calming upset, disagreeable, aggressive, or sensitive dogs during any potentially stressful situation, such as toenail clipping, clipper work, brushing, bathing, etc. The dog anxiety calming aid you want to have in your dog grooming tool kit.
  • HOW TO REDUCE NOISE. It is important to place the ears DOWN over the ear canals so the ear canals are NOT exposed, then secure them in place w/ Happy Hoodie. Noise reduction is achieved by Happy Hoodie’s gentle compression closing off the ear canal. IF YOU THINK IT'S TOO TIGHT, PLEASE KNOW SNUGNESS IS NECESSARY. IF YOUR 4 FINGERS FIT UNDER IT, IT'S NOT TOO TIGHT (IT'S SO STRETCHY!). Pets appreciate it most when used ONLY during a stressful situation. PLEASE REFER TO SIZE GUIDE BEFORE PURCHASE.
  • HELPS KEEP PETS CALM AND COMFORTABLE AT HOME TOO! Uses include: Anti-anxiety aid for stress in the home, car, and at the Vets; dog ear muffs for noise cancelling to protect dogs’ ears and hearing from loud noise, such as Thunder, Fireworks, vacuums, and gun fire; aerate the ears; heal or prevent hematomas; neck and ear warmers; grooming aid; keeping long ear and facial hair up and out of the way while eating or drinking.
  • RECOMMENDED BY VETS to help prevent or heal hematomas when used as a dog ear wrap for shaking heads, help control bleeding; aerate the ears to speed up recovery of an ear infection; keep medication from being shaken out of ears; provide dog ear protection for swimming and bath time; as a post-surgery ear protection aid.
  • A NATURAL, HOMEOPATHIC DOG CALMING REMEDY SINCE 2008, its swaddling effect will soothe and comfort pets. When worn together, Happy Hoodie can increase and complement the efficiency of dog anxiety vests, fireworks and separation anxiety jacket, stress collars, calming scarf, or thunder hoody or shirt for dogs. It may also be used in conjunction with oral calming remedies.
  • DESIGNED IN THE USA, HAPPY HOODIE IS LONG-LASTING; QUICK AND EASY to use and clean; machine washable; an economical calming aid for dogs to help relieve anxiety. Keep your dog’s ears and head warm in cold weather, or wet it to keep your pet cool when it’s hot! Our soft, expandable, double-ply fabric band comes in 4 sizes to accommodate most dog breeds.

Details: THE ORIGINAL HAPPY HOODIE, since 2008 MADE FOR GROOMERS, BY GROOMERS. With over 27 years combined experience in the grooming industry, the founders of Zoni Pets, LLC set out to create Happy Hoodie - a soft, expandable fabric band that makes force drying (and grooming) less stressful for pets. Happy Hoodie is the FORCE DRYING MIRACLE Hoodie for pets that groomers have come to love! CALMS, COMFORTS AND PROTECTS PETS. The gentle compression reduces noise and has a swaddling effect that can relieve a dog of anxiety, stress, fear and aggression. SIZE GUIDE. Please refer to listing photos for measuring instructions and size guide. A snug fit is often more helpful when a pet is very upset (such as force drying and fireworks). For a looser fit, choose a larger size Happy Hoodie for your dog’s head size (good when wearing for longer periods, such as post-surgery care, aerating the ears, and preventing or healing hematomas). EXAMPLE, a dog with a 15” head circumference can use the small size for a snug fit, or the large size for a less snug fit. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, IT IS EASIER FOR A PET TO REMOVE A HAPPY HOODIE THAT HAS A LESS SNUG FIT. Never leave your pet unattended while wearing happy hoodie. HOW TO USE. Simply place Happy Hoodie over the pet’s head and onto its neck. Place the ears against the pet's head so air cannot get into them and slide the band back over the top of the head to secure the ears in place. Adjust the size of the band to best fit the pet by folding over excess material once the band is on. Please note, when there is nothing upsetting a pet, some pets may not be very receptive to wearing Happy Hoodie; however, most are VERY appreciative with having it on during a stressful situation. We understand, it's hard not to try out a new purchase as soon as it arrives, just don't be discouraged if your pet doesn't embrace their new anti-anxiety aid if you try it on them when they are not upset.

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