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Charger for Lenovo Laptop Charger - 65W 45W

Charger for Lenovo Laptop Charger - 65W 45W

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Brand: Superer


  • ⚡# Certified Safety # --- Certified and listed by the nationally recognized electronics safety testing expert UL. Only products with the best quality, workmanship & safety level in the industry can pass UL's extremely stringent quality tests to obtain this honorable certification.
  • ✅# Flawless Compatibility # --- Exclusively designed to fit ALL Lenovo laptops (65W & 45W, round connector), e.g. IdeaPad, Chromebook, Yoga, Flex, Miix laptops with round power connector.
  • 👍# Worry-Free Warranty # --- Full refund or replacement within 30 days of purchase if unsatisfied anytime for any reason. An additional 2 years warranty and dedicated customer support are right at your service.
  • ⚙️# Special Features # --- Foldable Plug (avoid scratch & save space); Charging Indicator.
  • 🔋# Power Specs # --- Output: 65W (20V/3.25A), works for 45W (20V/2.25A) Lenovo laptop as well; International Voltage Standards: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • 📦# In the Box # --- 1 X Replacement for Lenovo Laptop Charger

Binding: Electronics

model number: ADP200325UZF

Part Number: SP-04526

Details: Input: AC 100v-240v 50/60Hz Output: 20V 3.25A 65W DC Tip Size: 4.0*1.7mm This laptop charger has been test it is fit for Lenovo laptops : Ideapad 100 Series 100-14: 100-14IBY 100-14IBD 100-15IBD 100-15IBY IdeaPad 110 110S Series 110-14IBR 110-14ISK 110-15ISK 110-15IBR 110-15ACL Touch-15ACL 110-15AST 110-17IKB 110-17ISK 110-17ACL 110S-11IBR Ideapad 120S 130 Series 120S-11IAP 120S-14IAP 130-14IKB 130-15IKB 130-15AST Ideapad 310 320 Series 310-15ABR 310-15IKB Touch-15IKB 310-15ABR 310-15ISK 310-15IAP 310-14IKB 310-14IAP 320-14IKB 320-15ABR 320-15IAP 320-15IKB Touch-15IKB 320-15AST 320-17IKB 320-17ISK 320-17ABR 320-17AST 320-14IAP 320-15IKBN 320C-15IKB IdeaPad 330 330S Series 330-14IKB 330-14AST 330-15IGM 330-15ARR 330-15IKB 330-15AST 330-15IKB Touch-15IKB 330-17IKB 330-17AST 330S-14IKB 330S-14AST 330S-15IKB 330S-15ARR 330S-15AST IdeaPad 510 510S 520 520S 530S 710S Series 510-15IKB 510-15ISK 510S-12ISK 510S-13ISK 510S-13IKB 510S-14IKB 510S-14ISK 520-15IKB 530S-14IKB 530S-14ARR 710S-13IKB 710S-13ISK 710S Plus Touch-13IKB IdeaPad Flex 4 5 6 Series Flex 4-1470 4-1435 4-1480 4-1570 4-1580 4-1130 Flex 5-1470 5-1570 Flex 6-11IGM 6-14IKB 6-14ARR 1470 1480 1570 1580 1130 1435 Chromebook N22 N23 (NOT N23 Yoga) N42 N22-20 Touch N42-20 N42-20T Yoga 710 720 Series Yoga 710 710-11ISK 710-11IKB 710-14IKB 710-14ISK 710-15IKB 710-15ISK 720-12IKB 80V5 80U0 80UD 80TJ 80T7 81BF 80XR 80XM 80XS 80XL 81CA 81C9 81F4 81F5 81F8 81JM 81FB 81JQ 81F9 81F5 81H6 81H5 81CW 80V7 80XS 80XR 81FB 81B5 P/N: ADLX65CCGA2A ADLX65CCGB2A ADLX65CCGC2A ADLX65CCGE2A ADLX65CCGG2A ADLX65CCGI2A ADLX65CCGK2A ADLX65CCGR2A ADLX65CDGC2A ADLX65CDGE2A ADP-65HW HA ADLX65CDGK2A ADLX65CDGR2A ADLX65CLGA2A ADLX65CLGB2A ADLX65CLGC2A ADLX65CLGE2A ADLX65CLGG2A ADLX65CLGI2A ADLX65CLGK2A ADLX65CLGU2A PA-1650-20LL

Package Dimensions: 5.4 x 4.6 x 1.7 inches

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